GA Conference 2013 - 10 of lots: 'Appening Geography

The first workshop was on the theme of Apps....
I co-presented this along with Katy Shipman from the SPC, who had kindly prepared the room in advance.
We had a good crowd of probably 70 or 80 people who had come along - lots of new faces, which was great.

The presentation that we used is shared below...

There was discussion on the use of apps, and also an activity for creating apps.

We made available copies of several lists of apps - see the GA website for the IT SIG's list.
We also had copies of the ISSIG newsletter which was featured in a previous post.

Once Apps have been created, they can be submitted to the app store - an opportunity for further literacy work and creative design as a group.

Thanks to all who came along, and to my co-presenter Katy, who created this grid as the basis for discussion.

Thanks to Rob for the photocopying too...