GA Conference 2013 - 9 of lots - Friday - am

Friday of the conference dawned bright and early.
After breakfast it was up to the University, with the car loaded with materials for the day.
After a coffee and picking up the conference handbook, it was up to the balcony where the various committee stands were located.
A good chat to Duncan Hawley, and colleagues on the SPC. I was straight into some networking, and within an hour I'd got two more days of work finalised...
I picked up some copies of the Independent School Special Interest Group's newsletter, edited by Rob Morris, and featuring an article that I wrote on the use of Apps in Geography.

The exhibition was busy. Discover the World were there with the Iceland missions which we had written for them. I also picked up the 2nd Digimap for Schools newsletter from the Ordnance Survey.
I popped in to Jamie Buchanan Dunlop's lecture to say hi and good luck.

When Bob Digby's Presidential Lecture was on, I went up to the Follow the Things session to listen to the delegate feedback, so that I could get some guidelines on what to include in the teaching materials that I am going to produce over the next few months.
There were some excellent suggestions from the delegates as to things that the site could have included in it to make it more useable.
Also a chance to catch up with SPC colleague Emma Johns.

Out for a coffee and chat with various colleagues. I had two workshops that I was involved in later, but was already organised. Popped up to check that the SPC workshop on 'Getting our Geographers ready for tomorrow' was all ready to go, and then went down for a drink.

Just before lunch, I had a good chat with Ben Hennig, creator of Views of the World.
We talked about maps and other things, and it was good to finally meet up - another benefit that the GA Conference provides for delegates.
Had lunch with Luc Zwartjes, who's involved in several of the EU projects I'm also involved with, then met up with John Sayers, who'd just arrived for the workshop we were co-presenting. Had earlier met up with Tony Cassidy, who had been persuaded to come along and present too.

Then it was time for two workshops back-to-back.