Paul Berry's session at the GA on maps

Last year, Paul Berry's final session at the GA Teachmeet was a highlight of the conference for a lot of people. This year, he was up next to last, but I loved his exploration of a year spent away from home on fieldwork through his career, told through the medium of beer… See my Teachmeet post from a few posts back for the link to the clip where you can find out about scree cuddling and gryke snorkelling. I have to admit to some erratic rolling in my time as well... the bloke from the National Park authority was not impressed when he saw our video footage though...

I missed Paul's main workshop session which was titled, "Might as well face it, you're addicted to maps", and I made an appearance as one of Robert Palmer's backing musicians...
You can see Paul's presentation below.

I liked the idea that a quarter of people in the UK had booked a holiday without knowing where they were going on the map - I would suggest it might actually be more than that - and even within the UK.

You can read about the session on his blog post here: DEVON GEOGRAPHY is his blog.