Simon Ross's Italian job...

After an earlier trip to Iceland to make videos for Discover the World education, Simon Ross has been to Italy to make another very useful video for geographers.
It can be viewed below:


The aim of this video is to consider the variety of volcanic landforms and the eruptive hazards in southern Italy. In visiting locations in the Bay of Naples, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands, this video interweaves narrative with interviews of local people affected by recent eruptions, expert guides and scientists tasked with monitoring Italy’s active volcanoes. The film considers the threats from future eruptions as well as the considerable benefits afforded to local people living in the shadow of some of Europe’s most iconic volcanoes.

In this video, we cover: The causes and impacts of recent and historic volcanic eruptions, with visits to some of the localities directly affected Informative diagrams to support the study of the complex processes associated with the destructive plate margin in southern Italy Scientific assessments of volcano monitoring and community preparedness Consideration of the possible impacts associated with the future volcanic eruptions Positive impacts of volcanic eruptions on the local people

This video is suitable for all ages. It will act as an excellent support in the study of tectonic hazards particularly at GCSE and AS/A Level.

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Sadly, the dangers of this area were demonstrated earlier this week at Solfatara.