Station Walks in London

The London National Park City initiative is focussing for the next month on ideas for walks from and between London stations, to encourage a little more time outside.
These are called #StationWalks and you are welcome to add your own ideas.
Instructions are below the image. Click to visit the website and read some more.

Let's create a map of great #StationWalks that start and finish at London's underground and overground stations. Can we create a route from every station in London?

Our aim is to create a map of #StationWalks that people can use to find new and better ways to get around, even if they are not the most direct.

Do you know a route between Paddington to Waterloo that goes past some historic places? Is there a green way to walk from Manor House to Alexandra Palace that has great views? Do you know a fantastic loop that starts and finishes at Herne Hill?

Anyone can contribute. You can suggest a route that's designed for leisure, adventure, commuting or just getting around. Routes that are inspired by London becoming a National Park City are especially welcome, but any routes that you find interesting, relaxing, beautiful, inspiring, curious, unusual or even highly usual can be included.

To make the routes as accessible as possible, they must start and finish at a station. Please try to make your walk roughly 5km or 10km in length. If you need to go over 10km, try to split your walk into sections.

All routes are created and stored on the TreeTalk platform. By creating routes you give consent for TreeTalk and National Park City Foundation to store, share and use the information, including the creation of derived works such as maps.