White Risk

White Risk is a new site for me. It displays a range of data relating to avalanches and avalanche risk, and describes itself as an avalanche portal, and is based in Switzerland.
There are several different licenses, including PRO and EXPLORE, and also SCHOOL licenses, which don't cost very much to access, prices in Swiss Francs of course.

There are maps and data and visualisations which are available.
Click the small mountain peaks to see information relating to different aspects of avalanches, including Danger Ratings.

There are some FREE sections, and others require a license to access.

The LEARN section is a complete course into avalanches, but there is one free lesson, relating to avalanche risks and danger ratings.

The site seems to have been developed by three colleagues from SLF, which provides avalanche risk warnings for Switzerland. The site's features can all be tried free of charge for seven days.

Also available as an iOS and Android app.