Developing Digital Data Literacy (D3) - ERASMUS involvement

Pleased to say that after a break of a year, I am back in the ERASMUS game, along with my colleagues from King's Ely.
The project starts today.
We are part of a group of partners who have gained funding from the Belgian Agency for a project which is called Developing Digital Data Literacy (D3)

This is a follow up to a previous project called YouthMetre. The YouthMetre project was all about the

Coordinated as so often by Luc Zwartjes from Gent, and with the support of:
- EuroGeo (Karl Donert)
- Sint-Lodewijkscollege, Gent (Luc Zwartjes)
- CESIE (Italy)
- SYMPLEXIS (Greece)
- European Youth Press Network of Young Media Makers (Germany)
- Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain)

The project will have its own website and social media feeds which I shall share here in good time.
I will also share some headline activity here as well over the next 2 years, particularly when travelling to the Partners in Berlin, Palermo, Bruges, Zaragoga and Greece.
The first meeting will be very soon in fact.

This is likely to be the last round of UK involvement in ERASMUS, and I am very pleased to have been able to be involved in this project, which will provide our students with a global audience for their work for the next couple of years.

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