Olympics 2020 - the green games?

This year will see the Tokyo Olympics for the 2nd time.
The 1964 Tokyo Olympiad became a symbol of Japan's rebirth after the Second World War.

The 2020 Olympics are partly to signify the regeneration of the Tohoku region, following the tsunami of 2011.

I've already blogged about the fact that the medals are being made from recycled electronics.
The Olympic torch is also recycled.

The designer said “The aluminium used in these torches is actually recycled from the window frames of temporary housing in the disaster areas. I wanted to make a torch that the people in the disaster areas would approve of. For this reason I wanted every part of the torch to hold meaning, from the design to its materials. As it happened, they were taking down the temporary housing so the timing was right to recycle and use it in the torches.”More detail here.

The Games have a sustainability target.
Be better, together.

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