COVID-19 Home Learning Resources for Geographers #4 Analogue Learning Pack

I'm mindful of the fact that a lot of teachers are preparing activities for a potential school and college shutdown - indeed, there are some countries where that has already happened, and universities are taking proactive steps.
Many teachers are sharing online activities, but it is clear that when so many people are at home, all putting a demand on the internet for Netflix, online learning (let's be optimistic people will actually do it) and there are already reports of Microsoft Teams crashing in those countries where there are already quarantine measures.

Of course, one course of action would be to go to Amazon and get a used copy of our Mission:Explore books. Copies of the original orange book are available from £3.85 at the moment, but prices fluctuate.

I've put together an analogue pack for when the internet goes down... it's got a few ideas for engaging with geographical ideas, looking back at special places. There's plenty more that could be added to it of course e.g. keeping a weather diary would work well within the context of the rest of the pack's contents. It can be viewed below.

Another super-sharer John Sayers has started a #homelearning #homelearningeography page.

You can go here to add your own ideas. We've made a start for you.

If you have resources or ideas that you want to share here in future posts get in touch via comments or e-mail / Twitter and I'll add you to the blog along with links to your resource / idea. We need to stick together as well as staying apart.
Strange times.

Stay safe!