Teachers rock!

“Teachers want to teach...not die.” 
 “Why should any teacher trust secretary of education Betsy DeVos to tell them how to teach, without her EVER having sat at the head of a class?” 

 Thanks to Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters for this piece in support of the work that teachers do, against a backdrop of comments from the public about the work we have been doing since March, and continue to do in many cases, across the summer as well.

Interestingly, there appears to be an increased recognition of the 'value' of teaching - whether that be the relative job security (although that is by no means certain, especially in the Independent sector), the mythical holidays and short working day, or the chance to be blamed for all sorts of things in society which are generally down to government underfunding.

I'm waiting to see the final details of how the localised geography of the school building and the interactions we have with students are going to be organised from September to reduce the risk to a minimum - but the risk will be there, and all teachers will be facing it sooner or later - some more than others.

There has apparently been a 65% increase in interest in teacher training from recent graduates.