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A chance to support a move for greater representations of black people in academic geography.
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Black Geographers CIC consists of a team of 9 incredibly dedicated volunteers. Our CEO, Francisca Rockey, founded the organisation in April 2020 as a result of her frustration at the under-representation of Black people in geography and geoscience. She created Black Geographers not only to tackle the erasure of Black people from geography, but also to provide a space for Black geographers, geoscientists, and environmentalists to connect, network, and uplift each other.

Since Black Geographers was formed, our reach and presence have grown exponentially; both on social media and in academic spaces. We not only publish weekly educational content on our social media, but also facilitated the process of pairing young Black geographers with mentors, carried out crucial research, and developed our outreach work into schools across the country. Our most significant achievement to date was working in partnership with esri UK - a leading GIS software company - to develop scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate Black and mixed heritage students!