National Fieldwork Week Ideas #11: Don't forget to share what you get up to

 Throughout May I shall share ideas for National Fieldwork Week - one per day...

Find out more about National Fieldwork Week here. 

One of the key things about National Fieldwork Week is that you get outside with groups, but also consider sharing the outcomes with us at the GA and the wider subject community.

This could be done in an appropriate way using your school's social media accounts, with the hashtag: #nationalfieldworkweek

Please also try to get something in your school newsletter, or perhaps even in the local newspaper.

Please send any comments or photos to

If you do use this, or any other of the ideas I share, please let us know about what you do. We will be asking people to share their outcomes in various ways. Remember that the theme is CHANGE.

Use the hashtag: #nationalfieldworkweek