Game on (or off)

Had an e-mail today from Claire Denney at FUTURELAB.
Futurelab has been appointed as the UK National Coordinator for a pan-European study of the use of computer and video games in schools. Our Games and Learning project is a programme of research, events and planned publications intended to stimulate discussion and the development of new intelligence.

The overall aim is to demonstrate what challenges and opportunities have emerged from debates and developments in this field to date, and to identify practical actions and interventions to be taken forwards.

We are looking to set up a network of educators interested in the project who would like to receive more information about our research. 

Do you know of anyone who would be interested in becoming involved?  

Anyone interested in becoming involved can email me at

E-mail Claire if you are interested in the potential of games to enhance education...

My mentor here is Ollie Bray, who has a range of resources already on his weblog, and a quote of his is apposite here, which he said when challenged about the fact that he was spending money buying computer games:

‘We are not investing in computer games..... We are investing in children’