Glastonbury 2010 3

Images by Alan Parkinson (shared on Flickr)

The dust has settled, and the clean-up (probably) continues...

The GLASTONBURY website has a range of useful resources on the clean up and the efforts to reduce its footprint. I also enjoyed reading the blog of one of the food sellers near the Park stage.

It appears that a lot more people have taken their rubbish away, as they were asked to do by the organisers. That could be to do with the fact that it didn't rain this year, so the tents could probably be used again, unlike the previous year....
There was also no repeat of the flooding of previous years. (I was apparently very lucky in this regard...)

There was quite a lot of urination though, so it remains to be seen what impact that has on the groundwater, given the lack of rain so far this year.

One of the highlights of the evening shows was the ARCADIA fire show, which was spectacular, and also very crowded !! This video will give you a flavour of what we saw....

One additional element of Glastonbury this year was something that we missed. On the Wednesday, as we were parking our car, Orange took a photograph from the Pyramid Stage in an attempt to break the world record for the largest / most tagged photo.
See the photograph here at GLASTOTAG

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