Mission:Explore Food

Just reading the rather splendid e-book version of Mission:Explore Food on my iPad...
This will shortly be available to purchase at a special low price, to whet your appetite for the print version, which is coming in September.

We have our launch party for the book on Saturday.
We'll also be around at Latitude in the Kid's field, so come and say hello if you're at the festival.

As Dan explains HERE, we also had a bit of a Mission:Explore F(l)ood at our printers....

Mission:Explore could also be the antidote to stories like THIS.

And some exciting news.... If you're interested e-mail me or comment below....

Mission:Explore Food expeditionary tour. Should we come to your part of Britain? This September/October we're going to be taking our spaceship, festivals workshop and new food books on an expedition around Britain. We'll be doing and accepting missions as we go. 

The question is.. where should we go and could you host us?

"Probably the only book I will ever recommend to my undergrads, buy for my kids, and use as a plate."
Professor Ian Cook, University of Exeter