A BETTer location ?

I'm considering my travel plans for the BETT Show this year.
I've been almost every year for the last seven or eight, and have usually been working while there...
I've presented seminars, handed out curriculum materials on the DfE stand, flogged stuff for 'The Guardian', and spent a few years manning the GA stand too before a decision was made to stop going.

The new venue at ExCEL has some benefits - it's a bit easier to get to from my home for example.

There's a Teachmeet on the Friday night which I won't be attending. You may still be able to get a ticket, although batches were released during the Christmas break, and were snapped up very quickly (free beer is a great attraction...) - there's a new batch due out at 8pm this Thursday the 10th.
It's good to hear that Richard Allaway will becoming along, and David Rogers will also be there doing various things. There's a Teachmeet Takeover again, which Andy Knill is involved with too.

A few other people that I know will be visiting, but not all on the same day as me.
It will be interesting to see how the show changes as a result of the changing venue. Some of the sessions look interesting, and there are over 500 exhibitors. I've pencilled in a few seminars. No booking required for these it seems, as in previous years.
I'll be on the Ordnance Survey stand on the Friday for some time in the morning and afternoon. Get in touch if you want to meet up and we'll try and sort something out.

Ian Addison has created a spreadsheet as in previous years so that those attending can show when they're going to be there.