Is the hashtag for the Australian Geography Teachers' Association Conference 2013, which is being held in Perth this year.
The delegates have enjoyed 4 days of lectures, workshops and field visits in and around the city.

On Monday, they had a keynote from David Lambert, former Chief Executive of the GA, who shared some of the work that the GA had done in developing the idea of Curriculum Making.
The Animoto that I created for the manifesto launch got another airing. There's a link to it below if you haven't seen it...
a different view v.8.0
David also discussed the idea of competencies, which formed part of the new curriculum.
There's apparently going to be a new digital support website for the new curriculum launching in March 2013. There were workshops from teachers and a range of other people. Some of these shared the materials online very promptly.
Rebecca Nicholas ( @Geographynerd on Twitter) shared her presentation, and plenty more, here
She focussed on 11 Top Tools.
Good to see  my Twitter avatar appearing on her top tool slide :)

There were also some useful materials from Contour Education

Temperatures were getting rather high though, and some of the field days were rather hot. I was pleased to see a conference which had a bowls competition. As the winner of several trophies playing for Old Hunstanton Bowls team it's something that I think more conferences should introduce.

It was good to see Simon Catling talking about primary geography too, in a week where a major new book by Stephen Scoffham was published.

The new Australian Geography Curriculum is something I've blogged about before, as I followed the work of ACARA while working at the GA.
Thanks to the conference twitterers particularly Melissa Mulholland for keeping me up to date with what was happening.