BBC KS3 Bitesize

Thanks to Helen Young from Geography Geek for letting me know about the launch of a new project she's been working on.

KS3 Bitesize Geography contains a lot of new content, including animations by Aardman. Check the ACTIVITY option for each section to play fun interactive games. Explore the patterns of Crime in Noseyford, or the coastal processes at Sleepton Regis...

There are 6 sections to the new site.
Antarctica, Awesome areas, Extreme environments, Geography of Europe, Contrasts within a continent
Rural areas and farming, Settlement in urban areas, Geography of crime
Population and migration, Globalisation and global trade, Development
Physical processes 
Glaciation, Plate tectonics, Rivers and flooding, Coasts, Weather and climate
Human processes 
Changing shopping patterns, Sustainable futures, Tourism, Geography of sport
Geographical enquiry 
Geographical skills
Well worth checking out. 
Why not set your students the task of reviewing a section, and selecting their favourite(s) ?