GA Magazine Spring 2013

GA Members can now download the Spring 2013 issue of the journal from the GA Journals page.
The hard copy will be dropping through letterboxes shortly.
I feature on quite a few pages as usual.
There's my latest Webwatch feature which is on the theme of Apps. There are some good ideas for apps for use in the geography classroom and beyond.
I've also written a two page profile of Digital Explorer and their new Ocean resources (which I have to own up to contributing to in large part) - the Catlin SeaView Survey even makes the front cover of the magazine too which is a bonus.

There's also news of a vote for a future GA president: there's a difficult choice to make this year between Mary Biddulph and Steve Rawlinson.
There's a report on the recent Curriculum consultation, and a summary of the GA's last year, as well as activity in branches and networks.
There's a brief summary of the Making my Place in the World project (see future blog post for more on this project), Bob Digby talks about the Olympic Park, and Angus Willson writes about Sustainability and the work of the GA's Special Interest Group in this area.

Another excellent issue.