Sunday, 27 January 2013

GTE Conference

Here is an edited version of my presentation from Friday night's session that I led at the Geography Teacher Educators' Conference in Hull.

It outlines some of the things that I did since leaving the GA, during 2012, and identified some of the trends that I've noticed while working with over 1000 teachers during that year.
As always, there was plenty to learn from attending (which was why I went). I enjoyed two sessions on the curriculum from David Mitchell and Alex Standish, and Nicola Walshe talked about an idea which I shall definitely rip off... er, I mean, make use of...

The overnight snow scuppered the plans of colleagues from the Peak District and the North Yorkshire Moors to attend, but by Sunday morning the overnight rain had washed it all away again...
Next year's event is already pencilled in the diary. Well done to Justin Woolliscroft for organising a splendid event...

12 for 2012 for GTE Conference from

Images: Alan Parkinson

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