How deep is your snow ?

Quite a few UK readers (and I dare say a lot from outside the UK) will have a bit of snow lying around. As I typed this, Rain Today was showing that light snow was falling over a lot of the county.

The Reigate Grammar School weather site has a very handy guide to measuring how deep the snow has fallen in your area.

Thanks to @SirGeogy for the tipoff to this very useful guide. What a useful (and simple) 'homework' task to set students perhaps after fresh snow, and compare with the depths which are quoted in the forecast (or tabloid hype....) - a good snow day task to add to a VLE perhaps...

The method can be seen here. Try it out and let me know how you get on.

The snow can also be helpful.
Norfolk Police explained earlier today how they used the snow to catch someone who was allegedly involved in  crime - they followed their footprints....