Paint a Fish - an update...

Paint a Fish is a project which aims to raise the awareness of the threats to some of the ocean's fish stocks, particularly where they are being fished in an unsustainable way.
This is once again in the news today, with the stories about mackerel, which has now been taken off the list of fish which it is OK to eat, and is now rated as 'eat only occasionally', as recent popularity and greater catches has cast doubt on the availability of stocks.
There has been quite a lot of coverage about this, and this is an interesting article by food writer Jay Rayner.

Paint a Fish invites people to create a fish and then add it to a virtual gallery. These will create a virtual fish stock, to make a point about the decline in the actual fish stocks. There is also an option to send them to your MEP.
There are hundreds of fish that have already been made, and uploaded to a virtual gallery, and there is also a daily aquarium

There is also a rather splendid set of resources to go along with the project for KS3/4 Geographers.
This follows up from a report that was published by nef on sustainable fishing.
The resources were created and added to the Digital Explorer website.

I have produced a summary of the project on my VITAL Geography Portal, which is now FREE TO ACCESS.
Why not work with a class to make your own fishy 'school' of fish...

Here's a video on the theme of OVERFISHING which you could also use as part of this work.

And finally, here's how to use a FiSH for student feedback. I love this idea and will be referring to it in a few sessions coming up...
It's from Rachael Stevens and was shared on the PEDAGOO blog. Sign up to PEDAGOO and check it out if you haven't already.