Still High and Dry...

The weeks leading up to Christmas provided a wealth of stories relating to flooding...
For the people involved, the flood waters brought misery, evacuation over Christmas and ruined presents..
There were inflatable dams used to try to protect vital signalling equipment
David Drake did a good job of collating various resources

Geographer Ben King posted a picture of ephemeral streams flowing through fields and normally 'dry' valleys near Totnes...

During 2012, I am going to be doing an updated version of my flooding talk which has been seen by over 1000 students in a few locations.

I'll post it here after the event, but if anyone has any particularly useful resources relating to last year's weather, please get in touch.

My twitter feed also brought me news of this story: of a seal which has been spotted in the flooded Cambridgeshire Fens.
The animal was almost 50 miles from the coast !