What did the fish say when it swam into a wall ?

Many major rivers have been dammed in their upland courses.

The British Dam Society has created a series of teaching resources which take young people through the process of siting a dam.

Here's how they are described on the site:
This suite of five, free downloadable geography lessons for 11–14 and 14–16 year-olds explores the planning and construction of a new dam in a simulated location.
A town announces ambitious plans for expansion and development, but a new dam will be required to ensure a safe, secure water supply. Where should the new dam go? How can the water company balance the needs of different interest groups and the environment?
Detailed lesson plans, student materials and presentation slides allow you to use the lessons ‘off the shelf’ with minimal preparation.
As they consider each step, students explore important geographical themes of growth, development, sustainability and the interactions between people and their environment.
Find out more about the lessons, these teaching opportunities, and how the activities link to your curriculum, in the downloadable [Introduction for Teachers (PDF)].
Please note that the PPT files are docx. Compatible versions (2003) are available in the download all zip file below.
Might be useful for KS3 or KS4 Geography lessons

Answer: Damn !!