'App'ening Geography

On Saturday last week, there was a meeting of the GA's Secondary Committee at the October Gallery in London. The meetings are always a pleasure - we have some great colleagues on the committee.
One of the items on the agenda was the preparation of workshops for the GA Conference in April. I am involved in a number of things at conference, but my specific SPC workshop is on the use of APPS for Smartphone / Tablet in the classroom, along with Katy Shipman.

I showed the use of Reflection to show the apps that I was using on the big screen, and we also planned the session.
I referred to a report on Tablets and Apps, and how to ensure that they support teaching and learning...

Click here to download (PDF download)

You will doubtless hear of some of the other items that we discussed in due time.
Thanks to all my colleagues for an enjoyable meeting.
See you in April...