Floodlines App

Thanks to John Sayers for this tipoff...

The floods in Queensland and Brisbane in 2011 are a distant memory now, with images of catastrophic wildfires in Tasmania, and temperatures so hot that they literally went off the scale in the news, followed by tornados and more flooding this week.

There is an excellent app which was produced last year to enable people to see the effects of the Brisbane Floods.
I was reminded to complete this post by something that John Sayers added to his blog about a worksheet that he had developed including a QR code.

It relates to an exhibition which was originally held in Brisbane.
The exhibition made use of Augmented Reality. A series of cards are provided on the website which can be printed out. The camera on the phone then transfers the pattern into a 3D rendering of the city and the floodwaters. Try it out !

The Floodlines website has a range of information about the designs....