Got a Posterous blog ?

I've got a few, and have also recommended this solution to quite a few colleagues over the last few years as being a simple and quick way to get an online space.
Posterous were bought up by Twitter a year or so ago, and now it appears that the site is to be closed down.

Users have until April the 30th to request their data and posts.

Head over to the site, and login then request BACKUP. Complete the captcha and you'll be sent a link to download your data by e-mail.

You will be sent a zipped file, which can then be uploaded to sites such as Wordpress or a new option called POSTHAVEN. This has a $5 per month cost but promises to be around forever.

It's another reminder of the impermanence of the web.
There's a trade-off between the functionality and ease of blogging, and the advantages of writing in a paper diary. I still have the diaries I've kept over the years... Will I still have my blogs in 30 years time ?
At least Blogger was bought by Google, who I would imagine will still be around then....