Hello to Finland

hyvää iltapäivää

About to Skype into a CPD session in Finland, following a contact made at a geo-media course in Salzburg last year. I am preparing to head out there next week for another course.
For the benefit of delegates in Kauhajoki.

Please feel free to check out a few recent projects that I've been involved in:
- resources relating to SUSTAINABLE FISHING (this will start a PDF download)
- some new work for MISSION EXPLORE (ideas for working with students outdoors...)

And also a few recent discoveries:
- a nice alternative to MAPCRUNCH which has been made by a windows company - not Microsoft, they actually fit windows... called THE SECRET DOOR
- BLUE MARBLE NAVIGATOR - can you see the lights of Kauhajoki ?

Have a good day !


Simo Tolvanen said…
Thanks Alan! It was very nice to see and hear you via Skype and read your post. All the teachers on the course liked this small international moment and we had a look at your post together after the Skype call. It worked out also technically well: the voice and image were clear.
Alan Parkinson said…
That''s good to hear Simo. Next thing to try is Google hangouts where several people can get together and share ideas :)
Off to Salzburg this weekend, for more geo-media and a new group of teachers.