The Splatter Project is an opportunity to be included in a crowd-sourced data collection project relating to roadkill.

The project involves recording a range of sightings of dead animals which have been hit by vehicles. These will then be mapped.
There are connections here with Barry Lopez's classic 'Apologia' which features a range of short pieces and woodcuts on the theme of how man impacts on nature. Every year, millions of animals are killed on the roads.

I've contributed to this toll in my time with a small toll of pheasants, rabbits and a Muntjac deer over the years. Living in a rural area can mean a bit of a slalom most mornings, particularly early on when some animals use the warmth of the road. Check the Facebook page too.

You can take part by tweeting with the hashtag #splatterproject, and adding the species, place seen / road name and date. The more accurate the better...