Cartographies of Life and Death

Last week, while in London, I passed the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

I noticed there was an exhibition devoted to the work of John Snow.
There is a useful podcast to listen to.

Cartographies of Life and Death

I have used John Snow's work as an example of early GIS, perhaps the first person to explore mapping and data, and using it to solve the mystery of cholera deaths in an area of central London. He was born in York, and at an earlier GIS event, we took the delegates to the house where he was born, which just happened to be round the corner from the venue.

Check out this MOBILE MAP which shows the mapping that was involved in the exhibition if you are unable to get there.
Sadly, I walked past the LSHTM at half past five, and the exhibition was closed...

Useful for those teaching about the geography of health, or the geography of disease.