Digimap for Schools - new features...

I've found myself making a lot of use of Digimap for Schools over the last few months. I've used it in numerous sessions with teachers, and have demonstrated the ability to create personalised maps with annotations from every scale of mapping produced by the Ordnance Survey.

Remember that there are resources for all key stages from Early Years through to GCSE which were written by Paula Owens and myself.

The service is regularly updated, and in fact some new features are due to be added this week....
They include a range of GIS-style functions which will increase the usefulness of the tool still further.
- buffering - draw a circle around a chosen point (could also be a line buffer tool on the way)
- font picker
- labelling available in miles as well as kilometres
- better photo manipulation
- Active tool
- better Start Again feature

Of course, you still can't beat a paper map from time to time...

You can now make your own OS Map, complete with customised title and cover at the OS website, and the map will be delivered promptly for £16.99

One option would be to make use of the designing tool so that students mock up an OS map for an area that they are familiar with, and with an image of their choice.
This would make a nice display.
Here's one I made earlier, complete with a frosty image I took a few months ago...