Effect sizes and student achievement...

While reading round several events I've been doing this year, and which are coming up in the next few months, I have been mindful of some of the research that has been done into the interventions which have an effect on pupil performance. The extent to which certain things 'makes a difference' can be measured using something called the 'effect size': something which seems to work has a larger value for this. John Hattie and colleagues have been working in this field for many years.

OSIRIS Education, who I have been doing a few courses for this year, have shared a nice infographic which sums up some of the main impacts, and would make useful viewing I think for many teachers.
Some of these effects are beyond the scope of the teacher to impact... and I think that there are some teachers (myself included) who would probably say something like "I'm not sure my students have read that research though because they... INSERT DIFFERENT BEHAVIOUR HERE..."
Which means that for any group of teachers they will have their own specific needs and pressures, and that's what makes CPD days interesting, when teachers talk to colleagues who they don't normally meet day-in-day-out.

Terry Burr has made the infographic, which can be viewed on the OSIRIS site HERE.
Print it off and use it as a stimulus for discussion.