"Health and safety gone mad..."

I've spent part of today finishing off the presentation for a conference I'm involved with tomorrow. It involves going to an Anglo Saxon village in Suffolk, and I'll be working with Primary Humanities colleagues.

One of the messages in the presentation is about the importance of risk: taking measured risks with fieldwork, and also with pedagogy. Just in time, we have a story about dangerous flapjack.

I've loaded the car up with 42 copies of Mission:Explore Food, several packets of mints, compasses, sticky cards and paint swatches, CDs, boggly eyes and a range of other things...
And if you're coming, wrap up warm !

Image shared under CC license by The Armatura Press
Font copyright: Tom Morgan Jones / Inky Mess


James Woolven said…
Sounds good - looking forward to it, will make sure there is no triangular flapjack on the buffet!