Quinoa - however you say it...

Quinoa is a grain crop which is used as a foodstuff in some areas of the world, particularly South America.

Quinoa is pronounced 'keenwa' apparently...

As the Guardian article that is linked to explains, the grain has become quite popular with some foodies, and because of its healthy nature, which means a change to growing it as a cash crop and exporting a large percentage of the annual harvest from countries such as Bolivia.

One of the issues with this is that the grain is a staple food for a range of people, and if global demand increases, particularly from countries which can perhaps 'afford' to pay more, then the price will go up and those people will struggle to feed their families...

Another impact of the eternal global demand for the 'new' perhaps ?
There are plenty of other food contexts for learning, but perhaps this could be one to develop.
Or do you quinoa better idea ?

Image by Flickr user net_efekt - Christian Guthier
Shared under CC Attribution license