Sound as a pound...

Planning some resources for a CPD day, and one of the elements is about active revision techniques.
How can you help students to develop their memory of key case studies ?
I like this idea from Steve Mouldey for teaching about waves. He uses chalk to draw a headlands and bays coastline, then some wave orthogonals. He then asks students to stand on the waves and slowly walk in as the waves would approach the coastline... students can see them converging.

Also heard about schools which model physical processes, such as Longshore Drift (of course), but also others which are less obvious.

There's Noel Jenkins' migration powerpoint lesson too which springs to mind.
I got to thinking about POUNDLAND. This has a remarkable range of items, which are all priced at - yes you guessed it - a pound.
I remember visiting a EURO SHOP in Dublin a few years ago now and getting a perfectly good umbrella.
Turns out that Isabella Wallace, who does courses for OSIRIS (as I have just started to do - more to come in a blogpost shortly) has already explored this territory with Poundstore Pedagogy. (other discount stores are available after all, with QD, Tesco Value, Lidl and Aldi all offering very cheap items from time to time)
Recently, Poundland had an emergency shelter tent for just £1....

What else can you find ?