World Heritage Threats...

Last year, one of the projects I was involved in was for the Google World Wonders project.
It involved writing about some of the world's World Heritage Sites.
I created some resources relating to the Pilgrims' route to Santiago de Compostela, and the area around Saint Emilion.
These are yet to be added to the website, although a 'stamp' with the logo of the city appears on the front cover of the teacher notes which can be downloaded from the website.
There are currently 28 places in the UK that are listed.
There are applications currently in to add some further places. These are currently on what is called the tentative list.

I started to explore these sites as a result of a story relating to the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland.
A golf course is planned, and the development threatens the nature of the area around the causeway, to its detriment according to some people. Stonehenge has had long-standing problems identifying a solution to the busy A303 road and a lack of easy access and a decent visitor centre.

A few other searches related to other World Heritage sites in the UK (and elsewhere) identified a range of potential issues which could affect their listing, and provide the context for a little investigation by students...

Last week, while in Salzburg I heard about some of the proposed developments which threaten to change the nature of the old town, which is listed (and quite rightly)
There is already a Spar in Mozart's house... which seems a bit wrong...