Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Beyond The White Darkness.... new OFSTED Literacy report...

A new report by OFSTED on literacy was published earlier in the week....
So why should geography teachers be bothered ?
Well, as it says in my session from a few years ago down in Suffolk, literacy should be part of the planning for every Geography lesson, or listen to this slidecast, prepared for a Teachmeet in 2010

Speaking, listening, writing and reading should all be part of the experience of geography that all students participate in...

You can download your own copy of the report from HERE in PDF / Word format.

What's particularly nice is to see some work by friends being highlighted in the Geography mentions that are peppered through the report.

There's a mention for Tony Cassidy and colleagues in the geography department at Kirk Hallam Community College, with his innovative scheme of work based on Geraldine McCaughrean's excellent 'The White Darkness' (check out her book 'Fires Astonishment' too) to teach about extreme environments in the Arctic.

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