GA Conference 2013 - 18 of lots (actually 18): roll on next year

I'm already looking ahead to next year's GA Conference.

It will take place at the University of Surrey in Guildford.

The theme is 'Crossing Boundaries'...

After recent challenges and uncertainties associated with geographical education at all levels, from primary through to secondary and into higher education, I hope the GA’s Annual Conference in 2014 will be an opportunity for us to indulge ourselves in the subject we are all so passionate about. I have chosen the theme of ‘Crossing Boundaries’ which will enable us:
  • To explore some of the most pressing geographical issues of our time, such as climate change, international migration, energy resources, human security and global inequality, all issues that involve ‘crossing a boundary’.
  • To examine the most recent trends in geographical research. Many of these new research areas are pushing back the intellectual boundaries of our subject. For example, the boundaries between geography and subjects such as environmental science, literature and film, epidemiology, psychology, international relations and economics are being blurred. This is producing new and innovative methodologies and exciting insights into existing and emerging issues. This not only enriches our subject but ensures it remains current and of societal relevance.
  • To investigate the development of geographical curriculum, pedagogy and progression as scholars cross educational boundaries, through key stages at school and into higher education.
If you want to be involved in presenting, you need to contact Lucy Oxley by the end of May 2013

Research papers can be submitted by the 6th of September, and the same dates applies if you'd like to get involved in the PGCE/NQT event.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for all these posts Alan - great for those of us unable to attend to get a feel for lots that happened.