GA Conference 2013 - 5 of lots: Travel and arrival...

The next few posts will relate my story of the 2013 GA Conference.
I drove over to Derby from home, and checked in to the hotel: the 'cheap one'.

I then went across to the Roundhouse: the venue for the rest of the day.
I joined the Association at Work sessions. These take place on the day before the formal conference starts, and involve a range of special interest groups. There are discussions on a range of topics, and there were some interesting discussions on our tables. I also had a chance to catch up with former colleagues. It was a chance to get the latest news on the curriculum changes, and update myself on what is coming up in the next few months.
Good to see Fred, Rob, Richard and Rick and work with them on the group discussions. There was also an awesome presentation from Simon Renshaw, which he didn't remember the day after as he was so spaced out with the flu and medication....

Image copyright: All rights reserved Bryan Ledgard / Geographical Association - used with permission

The meeting ended with the announcement of some of the GA ballots. A key one was to choose who would be the President in several years time, and serve as next year's Junior Vice President. There were two excellent candidates, but it was Steve Rawlinson who won out over Mary Biddulph on this occasion. Congratulations to both.