Sunday, 7 April 2013

GA Conference 2013 - 4 of lots: Landslides

Following the previous post on hashtags, here's an example of what you can find if you search the hashtag #gaconf13

David Petley presented a session on landslides at the conference. I wasn't able to attend as it clashed with something I was involved with.
One of the features of the conference is the chance to listen to a range of experts in geographical themes, and David is certainly an expert on landslides.

David has kindly shared he presentation on Authorstream, and it can be found here...
This is a little like Slideshare, in terms of being a way to share presentations - all the presentations I used will be shared here in a forthcoming blog post...

Most of the presentations will be made available on the GA's website over the coming weeks too.

Check the GA Conference page - I'll let you know when they start appearing...

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