London Mapper

A heads-up on a new website which launches soon.

It features the work of SASI, who are the team behind WORLDMAPPER.
It focusses on London, and will include a wide range of mapping and associated data relating to the city of London and its population. As the website says:


The project aims to present a vast quantity of information on inequality and poverty and social trends across London in a new way which will help fire up and sustain debate on these issues in the capital for many years to come. We do not aim to collect new data, but to show existing data in a very new light. We aim to produce new scientific cartographic images of life in London today, how London is changing, and how it might change in the future if trends continue.

I discussed this project with Ben Hennig while at the GA Conference. He's provided some new cartograms for the site.

I'll let you know when the site is officially launched, but there's already plenty there for those of you who study the geography of our capital city to start getting excited about...