Scottish Highlands for SAGT

I am currently pulling together materials for later in the year, when I am doing a session at the SAGT conference - the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers' conference, which will be held in Perth this year.

Val Vannet, current President of SAGT gave the fraternal greetings to the GA Conference at the dinner on the Thursday, and also sat on a forum which had views on curriculum change from the various countries of the UK.

My session is on landscapes, and specifically the various Scottish mountain chains. It's called:

'Peak Practice - Exploring Scotland's upland landscapes

Scottish mountains have been in the news in the first few months of 2013, but not for a good reason unfortunately. Avalanches have claimed several lives in separate incidents. This is not uncommon, and in fact lives are lost every year.
The sportscotland avalanche Information Service have quite a lot of useful resources for teachers on their website.
They have avalanche maps for the different upland areas, such as the Cairngorms.

Avalanches in Scotland tend to be different to those found in locations such as the Swiss Alps due to the nature of the snow and the temperatures that the snowpack is subjected to.

I'll also be mentioning the John Muir Trust project which we've been involved with (see earlier blogpost) for Mission:Explore.

One of the elements of the session will be to look at the way that the physical geography of Scotland combines with other elements to create a very special sense of place.

The SAGT Conference will take place on the 26th of October 2013
There'll be a keynote from Professor Iain Stewart.

Here's an extract from my session proposal:

There’ll be ideas Bheag and small - remember to keep Sgurr of how many. We’ll be on just before or after the mid-day Mheall.
If you’re ready, then Buachaille up. Hopefully you C├írn keep up. I’ll Stob if you can’t, and there’ll be no Bheinn diagrams...
It will leave you wanting Mhor...