Secondary Phase Committee Twitter feed

Back in 2004, I joined the GA's Secondary Phase Committee.

It was a big learning experience for me. At the time, I was one of the few members who was a teacher. I shared my website: Geography Pages at the first meeting, and slowly got a little more confident being a member of such a group. It led me to a few projects where I was able to develop confidence in the fact that I had something worth saying... I got involved in the production of a new atlas, and made lots of new friends.

When I joined the GA in 2008, I gave up my place on the committee, as there is always a waiting list.

You can now sign up to follow the SPC on Twitter. This will tell you about what we get up to, and also hear about our workshops that we led at the GA conference.

There were three workshops that we were involved in - one advantage of being a member is that you are guaranteed a spot on the conference programme.
Here's our recent 'team photo' in the august surroundings of the October Gallery in London.