"You don't want to come here..."

As part of the expansion of the EU, there will be further freedoms for people from Bulgaria and Romania.

The Home Office is concerned that there may be the same interest in moving to live in the UK as there was from previous expansions to EU movement permissions.
The Daily Mail has been printing various stories for some times warning of the possible consequences... as they do... and I had a flyer through my letterbox from UKIP in advance of the May 2nd local elections which mentioned this as being an issue that would affect people in my village....

The latest release of Census data a few months ago now revealed that Polish is the second most spoken language in the UK. A video on language in the census was previously posted, and can be found here.

There's a nice set of posters that have been created on this Guardian site page. They explore some of the changes in migration over the years and are quite creative.

There was a suggestion that we should develop a campaign to give a negative view of the country, so as to put people off. These images of the countries that are involved are really interesting. Also check out sites such as People mov.in

Radio Free Europe page has some good examples that were made as a result of this issue.

One campaign which was then produced in response to that was from Romania itself.

This is an area that should be a part of all KS3 Geography courses.

Finally, here's a video from the BBC website, which was added today.
It's just under seven minutes long, and has Nick Robinson visiting Peterborough: a city I know quite well, and which we used as an example of the impacts of large scale immigration.

Reminded of the work of the Migration Observatory at Oxford University.
They have a range of excellent briefings, reports and also the chance to create and access interactive graphs.