Bruges - Day 2

After a good night's sleep, opened the windows onto damp cobbles, and the town coming to life.
Down to breakfast, with a view over the canals and bridges of the town - the hotel was in the centre of the city of Bruges so it was good to see the deliveries, street cleaning etc, the carriage owners preparing their carriages and horses for a day trotting around the city.

Walked through the Markt square where they were dismantling the grandstands for the previous day's Holy Blood procession, and out to the school where the conference was taking place.

Registered for the conference and had coffee, then spent the morning working on a few projects and writing, as well as having conversations with delegates from all over Europe and beyond.

Joseph Kerski from ESRI were there, and had a chat with him, following a chat we'd had the previous week.
Also went up to the iGUESS course that was taking place, which had some UK participants, including James M and Duncan H.

Spent some time talking to a Russian geo-chemist from Moscow, then had a nice lunch in the school refectory.

The afternoon was spent in a 4 hour workshop which had funded my participation in the conference. It was a discussion with various colleagues from countries on a project called GeoCapabilities.
It was chaired by Michael Solem from the AAG, along with David Lambert from the IoE and Sirpa Tani from the University of Helsinki.

I'll put up a separate post in a few days about the idea.

The meeting ended quite late, so it was a quick yomp across town. In the evening, it was over to the Halve Maan brewery of Henri Maes (several generations of the family...)
The evening started with some Zot (a light beer), before a tour around the brewery.
Later, it was back to the restaurant on the top floor (formerly used for malting barley) for a meal and more Zot.

Into a nearby bar for Malheur, and chat with colleagues from around Europe.