Bruges - Day 3 - Part 2

The EuroGeo conference in 2013 ended with a keynote from Sirpa Tani, of the University of Helsinki.

Learning (in) environments
Linking tradition and future

She shared her work relating to her research, and the experiences which informed her practice.
Dwelling with the City is a project which connects with ideas like Young People's Geographies and Mission:Explore. 

Sirpa's earlier work linked with the work of Liz Taylor, looking at how urban environments were represented, and work on parkour (see the parkour image in 'A Different View'), as well as images of 'hanging out' (see the YPG work of Jonathan Morris). She then focussed on the idea of learning environments with some work on school design, and wider issues. An interesting session.

After the conference, it was back to the cafeteria for a final lunch, and to say bye to various friends and colleagues who were leaving that day.
Then I had a few hours to explore the city in changeable weather - from pouring rain to bright sunshine in a few hours - like being at home.

That evening was a meal for our I-USE group, and also the board of EuroGeo - there was some crossover between the group members.
We went to the Zwart Huis restaurant, which had an excellent atmosphere. Good food and beer. A nice way to end the conference.