Current reading

I'm currently reading a review copy of a new book by Charles Rawding, which is out in May published by Routledge.

The publishers' description of the book is below:

How up-to-date is your geographical thought? Are parts of your curriculum becoming tired and out-dated?

Effective Innovation in the Secondary Geography Curriculum will help training and practising secondary school teachers understand how to evaluate and refresh their curriculum in order to ensure that what they teach is relevant, topical and creative.
Considering the latest developments in both the school geography curriculum and the field of geography as an academic discipline, this exciting new book explores how geography teaching and learning can be developed to engage secondary school pupils and better reflect contemporary society. Illustrated throughout with ideas and practical examples of how to update your curriculum easily and effectively, key topics covered include:
  • Understanding curriculum theory and development;
  • Auditing and developing your own dynamic, interactive curriculum;
  • Critiquing textbooks and resources to ensure relevance;
  • Constructing and analysing schemes of work;
  • Incorporating the latest developments in the field into your teaching;
  • How to create innovative, enduring curricula for human, physical and environmental geographies.
Once I've finished it, a review will appear here, and in several other places too....


Noel Jenkins said…
I do hope there's going to be an affordable ebook option!
Alan Parkinson said…
That would be an ecumenical matter...

Not sure what Routledge's plans are...