GA Conference - some afters...

A few things that have emerged from the GA Conference since my blogging endeavours in April.

I've been going through the feedback and blogs from elsewhere. Some of those have already been mentioned in earlier posts. Enter '#gaconf13' into the search box top left to see all the previous posts related to the conference.

I've enjoyed reading Garry Simmons' research paper on impressions of Africa, and development. Some useful slides and associated resources which would make very useful materials for teachers wanting to explore development in a fresh way.

Milan Recknagel has been busy adding conference resources to the GA website. These are now available for many of the sessions that took place.

Sian Veysey provided a useful summary of the sessions she was involved in at the conference...

There's also a video that was made by OCR of a session that they sponsored 'Mapping the route to resilience'.

Let me know if I've missed any developments in the month since the conference..
Watch out for the Summer 2013 issue of GA Magazine too, which should featured an illustrated report on the conference when it appears soon....