GeogSpace now open

The new Australian Curriculum document for Geography was launched in the last few weeks.

The support site for the introduction of the new curriculum has now gone live too.

It's called GEOG SPACE.

There's quite an influence from some familiar UK names here, such as this diagram on the 'Child as Geographer' from the work of Simon Catling.

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There are also influences in the SUPPORT UNITS from a range of UK geographers including Fran Martin, Paula Owens, Stephen Scoffham and Liz Taylor.

The SUPPORT UNIT section, in fact, would make excellent reading for geographers around the globe. It's a really useful synthesis of key thinking around concepts, fieldwork, geographical enquiry, ICT and related areas of geographical thinking.
There are extracts from the GA Secondary Handbook, and useful links to other websites.

Delve into the CORE UNITS, and you will find a range of materials for teachers to use straight away and get the curriculum underway...
Here's an activity sheet for a unit on MUSIC FESTIVALS for example (PDF download) which provides a good starter, although I think the Woolvens did a better job here :)

I also liked the unit on E-Waste, and ideas for units about place and coastal management.

For example, here's the New South Wales About Fieldwork website, which was a new one for me.

Well worth spending some time looking through these sites, particularly for new teachers of geography.

And visit the site of AGTA, who were involved in creating these new resources. Plenty of additional ideas and resources on this site too.

So I wonder where the equivalent website is for UK teachers ?
We are getting one, right ??


Thanks Alan for your posting on GeogSpace. We are extremely excited about getting the site online (free and open to all)for geography teachers in Australia. We wanted to build a site open to the world, so that teachers in places such as the UK could use the resource - as you say much of it is just about good geography teaching. Thanks for getting the message out to all your blog readers. Much appreciated - we want the resource to be used anywhere and everywhere.
Malcolm McInerney
AGTA Chair
Alan Parkinson said…
Hi Malcolm
My pleasure...
The site is looking really good. Lots of interest in the blog post. I'll be flagging the site up at lots of events over the next few months. Look forward to seeing it develop
Best wishes