New Australian Geography Curriculum launched...

We may still be waiting for our new Geography curriculum to be released, but the new Australian geography curriculum has just been released.

ACARA has been working on this for several years, and I've been following the developments.

Here are the AIMS of the new curriculum.

The Foundation - Year 10 Australian Curriculum: Geography aims to ensure that students develop:
  • a sense of wonder, curiosity and respect about places, people, cultures and environments throughout the world
  • a deep geographical knowledge of their own locality, Australia, the Asia region and the world
  • the ability to think geographically, using geographical concepts
  • the capacity to be competent, critical and creative users of geographical inquiry methods and skills
  • as informed, responsible and active citizens who can contribute to the development of an environmentally and economically sustainable, and socially just world.
Go to the site and explore the supporting documentation.
Good to see enquiry at the heart of things.

Check out the SCOPE AND SEQUENCE document too. (Available as a PDF)